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Your Typos .com

YourTypos.com is a website which allows you to find misspelled auctions on eBay. This tool includes typos in your search query so as to reveal hidden auctions in the results. This allows you to bid against fewer people so that it is easier to obtain the winning bid and this at a lower cost than usual.

What is a typo search engine?

The eBay Misspell tool is a simple tool which allows you to broaden your search on eBay by automatically searching for common misspells. For example, if you are searching for a laptop, someone might have tried to post an auction for such an item but accidentally named it a lapetop, laptoe or even laptop etc... People searching with the proper spelling of the item will not be able to see these auctions thus it will have less bids and so will have a lower than average price. This can be very effective on designer brand names and sports memorabilia items with complicated player or team names. Searching eBay for typos can be a very profitable hobby; we have received many success stories from people using our site. Some have saved a few dollars here and there, while others however constantly save hundreds and even thousands of dollars with the use of a typo search engine. So what are you waiting for? Start searching and best of luck!

How to use the eBay typo search engine

Using the misspelled search tool is simple: just enter your search term in the field provided above (the blue text box) and then click on the Search on eBay button. You will automatically be will be redirected to eBay's search results for that item and its most common misspells. From there you can do the shopping you like and come back to yourtypos.com if you need to perform any more eBay misspell searches.

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